What photographs are offered?

Currently, we are focusing on the “Cathedral Clouds” series. All of the images in the “GALLERY” section can be acquired as glass prints. (If there’s a vertical image you would prefer to have as a horizontal one, or vice versa, please email us at contact@keating.art, as Keating often takes both vertical and horizontal shots of the same cloud formation.) 

What is the pricing for the photographs?

All images can be ordered either as Large (15.6″ x 20.8″) or Grand (21.6″ x 28.8″) glass prints. For prints that are unsigned, the Large is $500 and the Grand is $750, with no shipping charges. For prints that are hand-signed and titled by Keating (on the back of the glass print) are $750 for the Large and $1,000 for the Grand, plus shipping charges. Because these are works of art, the hand-signed and titled prints cannot be refunded. And we personally inspect each image to ensure that there are no defects in the glass. The unsigned prints, shipped directly from the manufacturer, can only be replaced if there is a defect in the glass. (Although we have a preferred print company we work with, we will consider other companies if a customer so chooses. We can then do different sizes and formats, and we can then re-calculate the cost.)

Are discounts offered?

Yes, there are various discounts on bulk orders and during occasional sales. There are also 50% discounts across the board for Keating’s “Close Friends & Family Members.” 

Are the glass prints easy to hang?

If using our preferred photo print company, we find that the prints are very easy to hang. Each one comes with and requires only one screw, and it can be hung by just a single person. While the process is easier using an electric screwdriver, the prints can be hung using a simple screwdriver. 

Is a percentage of each sale donated to the Washington National Cathedral?

Yes, 10% of all sales are donated to the Washington National Cathedral, which, although a major landmark in the United States, receives no federal funding and must raise funds from individual and institutional donors. See www.cathedral.org to learn more about the Cathedral, its remarkable history, fascinating facts about its construction and interior and exterior marvels, and how and when to visit. We hope the photographs, themselves, also raise awareness about this stunning, architectural wonder.