– The “Kalorama Clouds” Collection –

“View of Toledo” (c. 1600) by El Greco
View from my roof in Kalorama

As one who is blessed to have had the opportunity to travel the world, I believe that beauty can be found just about anywhere; it simply, every so often, requires a little extra effort to seek it out. Conversely, there are occasions when something extraordinary is right in front of us and yet, for whatever reason, we overlook it. From my own experience, when I finally saw one of my favorite paintings in person, El Greco’s breathtaking “View of Toledo” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, it occurred to me that I had a magnificent view back home in Washington, D.C. that was reminiscent of El Greco’s painting and which I had completely taken for granted.

I had also recently learned, from a D.C. taxi driver originally from Greece, that the name of my neighborhood, Kalorama, is Greek for “beautiful view.” Appropriately enough, the English translation of “El Greco” is “The Greek”; El Greco was born Domenikos Theotokopoulos in Crete, he moved to Toledo, Spain, in his 30s and spent the rest of his life there. Inspired by all of these revelations, I regularly began going up to my roof and photographing the ever-changing cloud formations above me. Although the photos will never match the incredible vibrancy and exquisite composition of El Greco’s masterpiece, it is still always gratifying to me to open the door to my roof, never knowing exactly what to expect, and find myself mesmerized by the bright, boundless canvas before me. In an age when so many of us are hunched over and staring at small screens, it’s worth remembering the value of, literally, looking up.

The following photographs, which are available as large glass prints (please see the “FAQ” section at the bottom of this page for more information), represent just a sampling of available images from what I’m calling the “Inaugural Series,” but there are many more I hope to display, ideally, as this journey continues….

Thank you.

– Keating

Blank Canvas


Wild Horizon


First Sunset


Altocumulus Rising


Pewter Sky


Pockets of Mist


First Bird


First Flock


Copper Dawn


Rolling Thunder






Cirrus and Contrails Combining


Rumbles of Pink


Darkness, Descending




Bird, Unexpected


Blue Oasis


Towering Cumulus


Moonfall, Sunrise

First Snow


Golden Silhouette



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What photographs are available?

All of the images above, which are individually named for easy reference, can be acquired as glass prints, and we have many more if there is a certain theme/color/size/or some other attribute you’re looking for.

Also, if there’s a vertical image that you would prefer to see horizontally, or vice versa, please email us, as Keating often takes both vertical and horizontal shots of the same cloud formation.

What is the pricing for the photographs?

Currently we are focusing on glass prints that are either Large (15.6″ x 20.8″) or Grand (21.6″ x 28.8″).

For prints that are unsigned, the Large is $500 and the Grand is $750, with no shipping charges, unless the order must be expedited.

For prints that are hand-signed and titled by Keating (on the back of the glass print), the prices are $750 for the Large and $1,000 for the Grand, plus shipping and handling charges.

Every print has on it a very faint watermark that spells out the word “Keating” to confirm, on the front, that the print is an actual Keating photograph and not a forgery. We keep a record of where these watermarks are placed, as their locations are changed and customized, depending on the print. But we ensure that they do not detract from the overall aesthetic of the image.

(There is an option to pay an additional fee for matte, “non-glare” glass, but we believe the standard glass prints actually look better. We will, of course, provide whatever customers prefer.)

All orders require a 6% Washington, D.C. sales tax.

Because these are works of art, the hand-signed and titled prints cannot be returned or refunded. And we personally inspect all images to ensure that there are no defects in the glass before shipping them. The unsigned prints, shipped directly from the manufacturer, can only be replaced if there is a defect in the glass.

Although we have a preferred company we work with, we are happy to consider other companies for customers who have a particular favorite.

Please note that changes will likely affect pricing.

And along with added shipping costs, any expedited requests will raise the price of the order.

Large/Vertical (height: 20.8″ x width: 15.6″) — Grand/Vertical (height: 28.8″ x width: 21.6″)

Large/Horizontal (height: 15.6″ x width: 20.8″) — Grand/Horizontal (height: 21.6″ x width: 28.8″)

Do you pay for referrals?

Yes, anyone who refers a customer to us will receive 10% of the net sale, once the final transaction is confirmed and fulfilled.


Are discounts offered?

There are various discounts available. Since the series strives to show the wide variety of cloud formations above and around the Cathedral, we offer a 15% discount for orders of three prints or more.

Prints can be mixed and matched however a customer chooses; the three horizontal ones, below, represent just one example of how images can be arranged as a group, highlighting the diversity of the overall collection.

Sets of three images can also accentuate other aesthetic elements, as demonstrated by this vertical grouping, titled Sweeping Sunlight:

We also offer substantial discounts for hotels, corporate/medical offices, apartment complexes, and any other buildings looking for a large number of prints.

There are no shipping charges for large orders, even of hand-signed and titled prints, in the Washington, D.C. area, as these can be personally delivered by members of the Keating Administrative Team.

For Keating’s “Close Friends & Family Members,” there are significant discounts across the board.

Are the glass prints easy to hang?

We have found the Fracture prints to be relatively easy to hang. The “Large” and “Grand” prints, above, come with and require only a single screw, and, in most cases, they can be put up by a single person. And while the process is easier using an electric screwdriver, the prints can be hung using a simple screwdriver.